Shapes! Colors! Shapes! Colors!…this week the children learned about our colors and our shapes. To make it more fun, we decided to wear a different color each day and it has been so much fun seeing the entire class in the same color for the day.

As far as shapes go, we have been working on different shape recognition activities. We played shape BINGO, worked with pattern blocks and played Jack Hartmann shape activities via the I-pad.

At the language table we worked on letter recognition activities, writing out different color words and worked on beginning sounds with the children.

At art this week, the children got creative painting with circles, making a collage with green tissue paper and creating their own creation with different shapes.

We started the alphabet this week. Each week, we will be working with the letters of the alphabet where we come up with words that start with that letter, read a book about the letter and sing a song about the letter. We also take the time to write the letter at the language table. This week we started letter Aa and will continue to work on it the rest of the week before starting letter Bb next week.

It was fun learning about the different colors and shapes this week and we hope that the children had as much fun dressing in the different colors as we did! The fun will continue next week! Have a wonderful and amazing weekend.

-Chasity and Tara-

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