We have gotten off to a great start with our new friends joining the class.

Monday in art the children explored painting with sponges and in math the children sorted counting bears by color. Tuesday in art the children painted with watercolors and in language they traced their names with bingo dabbers. Wednesday in art the children created cookie cutter prints with paint and in math the children worked with stringing beads. This was a good fine motor activity as well and after stringing they counted their beads.

Today in art the children painted at the art easel and in language they dictated what their favorite part of school is and for math they engaged in a musical chairs game and named the shape under their chair when the music stopped. Tomorrow in art the children will explore shaving cream with food color and in language the children will practice some writing/tracing of basic school words like art, paper, glue, play, bus etc.

In math the children will color sort fruit counters. In the sensory table this week the children explored water with various size cups.

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