This week we learned lots of new things about each other!

We read lots of books about how it is good to be different! We put our fingerprints on paper and compared them. We learned a new vocabulary word, “unique!” We learned that if we were all the same, it may be kind of boring.

We looked in mirrors at ourselves and drew what we saw (some still see green hair and purple eyes, but that is okay!).

We had some fun magnet wands at science with magnetic marbles.

Our math was all about numbers 1-9. We also played a path game, getting ourselves to the end…Lakewood Child Care Center!

We looked at our small picture books and told the people in our families. We also learned where most of you live as these friends know their street names!

We used some tongue depressor sticks with our names written on them. We are working on recognizing our names and our friends names as well!

Outside, we have been playing with gold clubs, small balls and lots and lots of trucks! 

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