This week’s theme is All About Me. The children have been learning things about each other and they are starting to get into a routine.

We have been doing different activities such as My Body Instant Learning Center where they place the magnet names of body parts to where the body part is located. It has a picture and the name of body part to help them see the body part and the name of it. We have been practicing writing our first names and last names. We did an alphabet matching game where they had to match lowercase letters to its uppercase letter. 

We did different fine and gross motor activities such as playing with playdoh, using the magnetiles to build, and some of the children have expressed interest in the gears which is a great way to challenge them to build something different because it forces them to go out of their comfort zone. I do change the toys weekly to keep them from getting bored and I try to challenge them into playing with the “new” toys. 

We put numbers in order, patterning with frog and bear counters, sorting counters by size, tracing numbers while using counters, etc. My goal is to see where your children are at so that I can make sure I am challenging them and preparing them for what they need to know for Kindergarten. As the year progresses, I can tweak some things in my lesson plan that will help your child if they struggle in certain areas. We will start working on sight word recognition, letter and number recognition, practice writing words, numbers, names, etc. 

Next week’s theme is Rainforest/Jungle.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me!

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