It’s Friendship week! We have been talking about friends, how to be kind, and how we can be helpful to our friends. Some of the children said, “If a friend falls down, you help them up, and ask if they are okay”. “Be kind to our friends”, “If someone drops a toy, you pick it up”, which are some of their responses. We talked about kindness in the classroom and not talking to friends in a mean way or yell at them. We learned to recognize our friends’ names by verbally saying the name on the name card and we pointed to the peer as we said their names out loud. We learned where our friends live (City) and we looked at the map to see if we can find where we live.

We drew pictures of our friends, made a friendship quilt, and we made a rainbow fish in Art. We measured how many apples we are in height and most of our friends are 9 apples tall!! When asked who is the tallest, they said, “Ms. Michelle because she is almost 14 apples tall! We played a frog jumping game where they had to get the frog to “jump” to the corresponding number that is on the frog. have been working on recognizing numbers up to 30, and trying to figure out what number comes before and after. 

We practiced writing our friends’ names by writing it down, stringing the letters on beads, and playing Friends Memory game that had the names of our friends. The children practiced how to be kind to others, let others take turns, and even helping friends by finishing puzzles or helping them clean up. We did some science experiments where they got to see what happens if you put soap into water with pepper- it scares the peeper away and we put oil and water together in a bottle to see what happens. We shake it up and it mixes but when it settles, they separate from each other! It was so interesting to see their eyes light up and they said, “Oooh!”.

We had a fun and busy week with friends. We will be learning about Colors and Shapes next week.

Also, this week, we started with letter Aa and made a word list that had words that start with the letter. Each week, we will make a word list with the letter of the week. Our number of the week is zero and they will be learning what it looks like with tally marks, dice, number word, etc. Our sight words this week are: I and see.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me!

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