Hello families!

We hope all is well this week and we wanted to swing by and let you know what our pre-k friends have been up to.

This week was all about the Rainforest/Jungle. At group the children discussed what they would bring if they had to travel to the rainforest. There were many different answers such as a flashlight, food, water, a tent if it fits in the backpack a long with some bug spray. We also talked about how we shouldn’t wear flip flops to the rainforest but some hiking boots instead. The children figured out that it is called the rainforest because for one it is a forest and it tends to rain a lot there.

The children were creative and made some amazing art this week which included painting with feathers, handprint sloth, a paper plate frog and a lion using a fork. We worked on letter recognition activities and played some BINGO at the language table this week.

The children also worked on number recognition activities at the math table. We did a cool experiment with salt water and fresh water with some food coloring. The goal was to see how fast food coloring travels in fresh and salt water. The children noticed that the food coloring in salt water does not go all the way to the bottom of the cup, it stays mainly on the top as if the salt is a type of barrier.

This week we also learned about all the different animals that can live in this habitat which some includes snakes, poison dart frogs, different types of monkeys, bugs, jaguars, elephants, and so much more!

We hope the children enjoyed learning about the rainforest as much as we enjoyed teaching them. We hope you all have a wonderful and safe weekend! 

~Chasity and Tara~

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