This week the children explore all things pirate.

On Monday in language, the children matched lettered treasures to a treasure map. In math they added treasures to a 1 to 1 correspondence grid and in art the children painted their 3D creations from last week.

Tuesday in language the children worked with some beginning sounds of pirate items such as hat, flag, treasure and boat. In math the children engaged in pirate bingo and in art the children sponge painted.

Wednesday in language the children worked on writing letters that they drew from a pile of lettered cards. In math the children played a pirate concentration activity to match like eye patches together and in art the children glued scrap paper to poster board.

Today in math the children worked with the concentration game again and in art they explored play dough, a great fine motor activity!

Tomorrow in language the children will dictate “If I were a pirate,” and in math they will move a boat along the map path game. In art the children will do some paint and glitter work.

This week in the sensory table the children explored water with treasures, strainers and small boats and in the block area boats were added to offer more creative play.

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