This week was all about the pirates! The children learned many different terms such as booty (we had to explain to them that means treasure!).

This week the children worked on number recognition and created patterns with gems at the math table. At the language table, the children worked on letter recognition activities and played pirate BINGO! At the art table, the children created pirate ships, a flag which we learned is called a jolly roger and created a work of art using food colored salt and glue.

We had an experiment all week where we took some coins…you know because pirates love their treasure and put coins in water, soap and water, vinegar and rubbing alcohol to see which cleans the coins the most. Our friends have noticed that the coins in the rubbing alcohol are looking shiny…we can’t wait to see how clean they are at the end of the week!

The children also learned about the letter Cc. They listened to the Cc story, we wrote Cc words on the chalkboard and practiced writing the letter on whiteboards. We had a fun week and hope that everyone has a fun weekend. Be safe and stay warm!

-Chasity and Tara-

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