Community Helpers/Fire Safety

We introduced the theme with picture cards of various Community Helpers and had a Doctor visit us and tell us all about what he does.


Painted with Police cars, made fir hats by painting red and adding a badge, made Donuts by spreading real frosting on paper donut and adding real sprinkles, made a First Aid bag by gluing on bandages, cotton balls, Q-tips and colored band aids, and tomorrow we will paint with tooth paste.


Stick colored bears and practiced matching with colored band aids, Fireman number cards- practiced recognition of numbers by naming them and matching the same numbers, Colored donut ring to organize from large to small and small to large using the peg stick, Magnet numbers on magnet chalk board and tomorrow we will practice counting with Alligator’s teeth.

Motor Development

We practiced balancing with red fireman cups, flipped the cookies using small spatulas and cookie sheets, foam blocks with pretend thermometers to make stand by pushing down onto the foam block, and tomorrow we will practice tooth brushing using big jumbo blocks.

Sensory Table

Sand, Construction trucks and rocks


We will make a blue cake per children’s request

Continue to practice STOP, DROP AND ROLL

Hurry Hurry Drive the Fire Truck song and movement

Crawl the ladder on the floor

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