This week has been all about fire safety and all sorts of occupations in our communities and outside our communities. The children have learned that every job a person has is helpful to others in some way; and there are so many jobs.

Monday in art the children painted with cars and in math they worked on a fire extinguisher shape matching activity. This activity also incorporated some fine motor skills for the children to clip a clothespin to the matching shape on the card.

Tuesday in art the children painted with toothbrushes and in language they worked on beginning letter sounds and letter identification by finding the letter that matched the beginning sound to the wors, the words of occupations such as teacher, dentist, veterinarian and more. Tuesday Evan’s mom came in to talk about her job as a pediatrician and she brought some tools she uses, fun!

Wednesdays in math the children matched the helper to the vehicle they used and then counted how many there were, the activity is displayed in the math area still and the children go there freely throughout the day. Eli’s dad came yesterday to do a visit with all the classroom to talk about his job as an ER doctor, and a doctor who is part of the life flight team for Metro, he brought a video of the helicopter taking off and landing, so cool!

Today the children explored their small muscles at the art table with stringing beads, small magnet rings and other fun fidgets to aid in strengthening their muscles. Margie’s mom did a virtual with the children today and her nurse friends demonstrated what they do with patients at the nursing home to check vitals, take temperature and the children got to see Atticus, Margie’s dog who comes to her mom’s work to help with patients in therapy.

This afternoon we will share some of the photos the parents have brought in showing them at work and the tools they use. Tomorrow in art the children will do some band aid art and in language the children will dictate what community helper they would want to be. 

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