Happy Fall! Summer is officially over! We talked about Fall and what happens to the leaves on the trees. We picked up leaves for our sensory table and one of our friends brought in pine cones and acorns for us to observe and look at. We talked about the differences between the seasons: Summer and Fall. We did a science experiment where we got to see what happens to leaves when they change color by using paper towels and colored water. 

We did a leaf letter matching game, Leaf Missing letter game, wrote Fall words, traced letters and numbers using orange rice, and we used magnetic letters to match the letters in Fall words. We verbally discussed what was same and different in the acorns that I had made. The children had to work in pairs and talk about what was the same and different between the acorns. We also practiced writing letters using a dry erase marker and dry erase board. This is a good way for the children to practice writing and they can erase if they make any mistakes. 

We used dice to count out the number of leaves that came up on the dice, the children did apple patterning, counted out the number of acorns and wrote down the number, subtilized the number of acorns, and they had to figure out what number was missing. Some of the children took it one step further by verbally counting out loud and some used 1:1 correspondence to count. They use different ways to count which is a skill needed for Kindergarten. 

We made leaf rubbings using real leaves, we did a Johnny Appleseed art project, and we built an apple tree using green craft sticks, red pom poms, and a toliet paper roll. We practiced our cutting skills this week as well. We watched a short video on how apple trees grow from seeds. It was a busy, but fun week we had learning about Fall. We discussed how we can be safe while playing in the leaves, we talked about how we feel when we see leaves on the ground, and we also talked about when to ask for help. Some children try to do things for themselves but learned that it is okay to ask for help if we are still struggling with a task. 

Since Fall is here which means cold weather, please make sure your child is dressed according to the weather. I don’t recommend sandals or crocs because their feet might get cold. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me!.

-Ms. Michelle

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