What a wonderful way to start the first day of Autumn than with cool crisp air. We were beginning to think that fall was never going to come.

This week the children learned about the lovely season of fall. At group we discussed different things such as how do we know when fall is here. The children had amazing answers such as when the leaves change colors, when the leaves begin to fall off the trees and when it gets a little cooler out.

Outside, the children have been curious about the leaves and made some observations of how the leaves are changing. One friend picked up a leaf and noticed that half was green while the other half was turning a beautiful dark red. Our friends are very observant this year!

We worked on our number recognition and counting at math, letter recognition and name writing at the language table and dove into our creative sides making leaf man, leaf rubbings and an apple from a paper plate.

With the excitement of fall around us, we also began working on the letter Bb, We wrote a list of Bb words on our chalkboard in the back of the room, we read a Bb book and sang a song and wrote the letter Bb at the language table. Each week, we will continue to work on a letter of the alphabet.

Oh, if you haven’t gotten a chance yet to check out the construction across the street…please do so! While out on the patio, we have been allowing the friends to check out what the workers have been doing…so far just getting dirt and spreading it out on the ground, but the children seem to enjoy it! We hope that everyone has a fun and safe weekend!

In the words of Miss Chasity…GO BROWNS! :)

~Tara and Chasity~

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