This week has been all about those people that put their lives at risk every day to keep us safe – firemen and police officers. We also introduced them to different occupations through puppets and cloth covered drama toys.

They have had a chance to play with nurse and doctors items and pretend to listen to their hearts with our stethoscopes, which some thought was pretty funny. They watched occupation puppets tell stories and listened to books about the same people in different situations describe what it is they do.

The older children tried on firemen hats and practiced taking them on and off while watching themselves in the mirror.

Activities to practice fine motor skills have included pop-up boxes, stacking shakers and coloring on a piece of paper. Many are working pulling themselves up, getting back down and moving around the furniture once getting up has been figured out. Crawling on music mats and pushing cars back and forth on the floor have made the best sounds and they all want a chance to try their hand at it. All of this while developmental skills are being practiced daily (sitting up and crawling, how exciting!).

It has been a fun filled week of moving and grooving and now we are ready to move onto next week where we get to dive into all the different and fun nursery rhymes that are out there for them to hear.

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