This week’s theme is a fun one because it’s Pirates Week! The children got to dress up in pirate clothes and we also talked about how we need to be safe with the plastic hook and only use 1 pirate patch because we can’t see if we use both patches on our eyes. We made a treasure map where X marks the spot! Some of the children made different maps using different places such as going from home to school, from home to the ice cream shop, from school to grandparents house, etc. It was pretty neat to see they had different ideas which is something that I encourage them to do. We made parrots and a ship.

I have been having them practice writing numbers going up to 20 because some children struggle with writing numbers. It’s laminated and dotted which is helpful because they can visually see how the numbers are written and they can erase if they make a mistake. They played different math games where they can count the number of pirate items and use the clothes pin to clip the numbers, they counted the number of apple seeds by using the number cards, they played pirate bingo, and they practiced putting the numbers in order by using the number line for reference. I’ve been focusing on number recognition and their fine motor skills which is going to help prepare them for Kindergarten.

We’ve been working on letter recognition by matching the uppercase letters to lowercase, finding the missing letters. using magnetic letters to spell pirate words. The children also practiced writing different pirate words and they dictated, “If I were a pirate…” and they would tell me what they would do. We also do sight words and math words as well. 

We did a science experiment where we predicted what would happen to the gold coin and penny when submerged in water. Some of the children predicted that the gold coin would float and the penny would sink and the other children predicted that they both would sink. When asked why did the gold coin floated and the penny sank, they said that the gold coin is lighter than the penny which is true. They experimented with other items in the classroom to see what sinks and floats while making predictions. 

it was a fun theme and when asked what was their favorite part of Pirate Week, they said they liked dressing up as pirates and playing pirate bingo.

Our next theme is: Fire Safety/ Community Helpers.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me.

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