This week was all community helpers AND fire safety! We have been busy with guessing jobs, deciding if we want those jobs and talking about what our own parents and families do for their jobs!

We had some visitors come in and share what they do for a living. We always love a visit from someone!

For some art activities, we worked our small muscles in our fingers to open band-aids while we talked about a doctor’s job. We also made a traffic light and talked about a police man and a crossing guard’s job as well. We made a no-mess painting project by putting paint in a bag and using our finger tip to move the paint around.

Our math activities have been all about numbers, and counting. We will finish off the week with a path game, getting the garbage truck to the dump!

Our block area has been full of Matchbox cars! We got out the community rug and drove the cars around the town, checking out the businesses and pretending to be community helpers.

Outside, we discovered the construction workers across the street have decided to do some work! We opened the patio gates and got to watch some action a few days.

Each day, we fit in some time to practice STOP, DROP and ROLL and talked about escape plans and what to do if there is a fire. We also learned about the letter ‘Dd’ and made a list of several words that begin with the letter. 

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