Nursery Rhymes

I introduced the theme with various Nursery Rhyme songs and had the children guess and tell me the name of the songs. I introduced a different song each day, with theme related activities.


  • Hot Cross Buns- The children used koosh rings to stamp on brown paper with white paint,
  • Jack be nimble- glued materials to make their own candle-
  • Ba Ba Black Sheep- Glued cotton on black sheep pattern,
  • Itsy-Bitsy-Spider- glued spout, spider and sun
  • Humpty-Dumpty- glue arms/legs and band aids to put Humpty- Dumpty back together again.


Money sorting with jumbo plastic coins, Candle craft stick counting with numbers and round foam blocks, Sheep counting with cotton balls and clothespins , spider leg cups to practice counting as they poked black pipe cleaners into foam cups.

Motor Development

Muffin tins with white/brown play dough to press into tins working fingers and pulling apart, real candles with foam bowls to make stand up by poking, sheep wrapping- the children practiced wrapping yarn around the cardboard sheep to practice over and under motions and egg drop with tubes.


Glitter sand, spoons, plates and cows(-Hey Diddle, Diddle)


  • Pretend jumping over the candle stick
  • Crawling up the spout and rolling down on floor
  • My Plate puzzle
  • Hard boiled egg Vs. raw egg- which one will break?
  • Exercise Cube

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