This is always a fun week doing activities based on good old nursery rhymes!

Monday in art the children painted with cookie cutters and in math they added lambs to a pasture using number cards to determine how many to add each turn. In language the children worked with rhyming houses by looking for the rhyming picture word to match the rhyming house.

Tuesday in art the children painted with rollers and in language the children traced letters with colored discs.

Wednesday in art the children practiced cutting and in math the children matched eggs by numbers. In language the children were introduced to the storyteller’s box activity where they look at pictures of a person, place and action to put together a sentence or story.

Today in art the children painted cardboard and in language they did some letter matching. The children also practiced writing their names and drawing people.

Tomorrow in language the children will dictate what their favorite nursery rhyme is and why and in math the children will sort veggie counters by type or color. In art the children will do some chalk art. In the water table this week the children explored working with farm animals in water. The children have enjoyed the nursery rhymes this week, listening to stories and singing all the different songs. 

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