We introduced Numbers theme by counting and using a Number board 1-10. We practice daily at both group times and do various activities so the children are actively encaged and having opportunities learn, begin to recognize, recognize and name numbers through fun activities.


Number collage- glued numbers 1-5 on paper with various colors, Number 2- painted #2 with paint sticks, Cookie- children glued on chocolate chips on round paper with #5 on it and Friday, Make a Lady Bug by gluing on 10 black spots and paint red.


At the math table the children explored with mini number Uno cards and numbered clothespins to match numbers, recognize and or for just exposure, Number crafts sticks to put into pocket folders, count and number recognition, Lady bug number wooden puzzles to make fit by manipulating the same number and Friday, Counting Buttons with boards. 

Motor Development

Jumbo clips to practice grip, finger placement and open and close motions, magnet wands and paper clips to manipulate and connect as many clips as they can ,numbered cupcake liners/pom poms and tongs to practice squeezing the tongs and Friday, we will stack numbered cups in various directions and add small cups.

Sensory Table

Colored water w/ bubbles, jumbo plastic numbers, ladles and bowls


  • Find the numbered objects around the room
  • Review 5 Food Groups
  • Hopscotch with masking tape and numbers- take turns jumping and name number

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