This week, we went around the world and learned about different countries such as Japan, Australia, Italy, Ireland, Egypt, and made a quick stop at France. We made a flag of Italy, Japan, and Egypt. We came up with words that started with Ii such as Ireland, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, etc. We learned how to say Hello in different languages such as Bonjour, Guten Tag, Ni hao, Kalimera to name a few. We also learned how to count in Japanese and Spanish. We practiced writing the letter Ii, countries, and the number 8 eight. 

We picked a number, counted the pepperoni, Egyptian bingo, patterned by making the Irish flag by using unifix cubes, we did an Australian Count and Clip game. The children learned about the time differences between the countries because not every one is up at the same time. For example, in Japan they are just going to bed while we are just getting ready to go to school. The children also learned that the seasons are different because in Australia, its their Spring and our Fall.

We looked for countries on the map with my help so that the children know where each country we are learning about is located. We talked about how to be kind to others who are from another country and how to help them because they are not familiar with our country. The children all agreed that we should help them so that they have a good experience in our country. I played music from different countries as well so that the children can hear the differences between the instruments and sounds.

Our theme next week is Theme Week.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me!

-Ms. Michelle

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