We learned the words “similar” and “different” this week as we looked at some many pictures of people, places and things from all over the world.

We saw boys and girls who looked like us, who went to school like us and even dressed like us, but then we saw so many boys and girls who didn’t look anything like us. We learned that everyone goes to school, not everyone eats what we eat and not everyone has all the “extras” that we have. We saw different countries landscapes and little tiny towns. It was an eye opening week for some of us!

At the art table, we learned about China and made a drum. We saw the colorful fans from Japan and made one for ourselves. We worked on small muscles as we painted and colored.

At the language table, we did some investigating and asked questions about countries we had never seen. Some of the children made a list and then we read answers on the iPad. Did you know they see sharks in Australia? Did you ever see what they wear in India? These boys and girls were so curious and we were happy to find answers together!

At the math table, we worked on numbers and found some boxes that we have been ordering smallest to biggest or just making structures with. Our drama area was full of different hats and bags and we “shopped” around for a variety of things.

Our science area has a pendulum that we have been exploring and finding out how close we can put a small stack of blocks before the swinging pendulum knocks them over.

Outside has been a blast since we got more new toys! Look out, we have some tennis players on our hands! 

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