We introduced the theme with a globe and pictures/print representing all the countries we will be learning about.(Africa, London, Chinese and Arabic. We will be making art related to the theme too.

Monday- Halloween Trick or Treating and Halloween games in the great room


The children made African masks by gluing on feathers and decorating with glitter/sparkles, London Bus- glued windows and wheels to red paper to resemble a Double Decker Bus, Chinese Drum- The children will decorate and paint paper plates red and fill with beans and Friday, we will decorate the letter “D” with feathers and pieces to represent a “chicken”.


The children practiced peeling dot stickers and placed them on the spots on Giraffe plastic animals to build finger grasp, During activity time the children worked with an interactive number bus game by placing number cards to the windows on the double decker bus to practice number matching and recognition, Chinese New Year pattern match to match symbols to board and Friday, we will guess animals sounds we hear.

Motor Development

Basket weaving- The children used ribbon to practice weaving in and out of baskets{eye-hand coordination & finger manipulation}, we used small bus counters to make tracks in sand by moving the bus in various directions, we introduced chop sticks to the children and 2 different ways to hold them to pick up pom-poms and place inside party boxes and Friday, we will do Freeze dance moving our whole bodies to directions.


Safari animals w/ scoops, boxes and noodles

Social Emotional

African dancing to drums

Parachute outside to Chinese music

Animal Yoga

Health & Wellness

Discuss winter fruits and fruits available in the winter

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