Each day is a different theme and we introduced the theme by sharing what the children brought in to wear at group time.


The children made their own sunglasses by coloring their sunglasses pattern and glued on foil for shades, painted under the table laying on our backs, Wednesday/Thursday we made our big Turkey by painting and gluing on feathers to hang in front window, and Friday we will make a Mickey Mouse headband for Disney day.


The children explored with 2 different kinds of tiles to build with, Color Dino snaps to practice matching colors, animal counters w/ scoops to practice squeezing and opening, Unifix blocks to make patterns. and color hat matching to practice naming/recognizing colors.

Motor Development

We practice cutting with scissors and brown paper bags to practice holding scissors correctly ,rings and peg sticks to practice sliding down the rings, practiced lacing with shoe strings and clothing boards to manipulate string in holes, and Friday we will work with Mr. Potato Heads to fit pieces in various spots.

Social Emotional

Activity- Piled hats in middle of group time and had the children name other friends hats and find yours

Friday- Hair graph ask children their hair color?

animal Yoga

We have been singing Thanksgiving songs: “Hello Tommy Turkey How are you? , “Turkey Dinner”, “A Turkey is a Funny Bird”

Talking about what we are Thankful for

Working on manners at meal times- saying” Please & Thank You”

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