Lots of fun theme days this week.

Monday in art the children painted with cups and in language they traced letters with poker chips. In math the children added colored gems to a grid.

Tuesday in art the children did some symmetry art, painting with string inside a folded piece of paper., and in math they added jewels to a crown.

Wednesday in art the children wanted to freely color and do playdough, so we did some fine motor explorations with playdough tools. In language the children matched rhyming pebbles and in math they sorted animal counters by color.

Today the children explored more playdough and in math they matched hats by number. This afternoon for language they will practice writing letters.

Tomorrow in art the children will paint with forks, in math they will do the jewel and crown activity again and in language they will dictate who their favorite Disney character is. This week in the water table the children explored veggie counters with strainers, tongs, funnels and bowls.

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