This week’s theme was cooking. We did various activities involving food and various ingredients. To help with language development this week, we read several books related to the topic of food and cooking, we used magnets letters on cookie sheets, we used our fingers to write in rice, and we played with foam letters. To help with cognition development this week, we counted and sorted beans into egg cartons, sorted shape cupcakes into matching tins, made homemade ice cream, and manipulated magnet rods. To help with motor development this week, we built with waffle blocks and cracked open eggs filled with shredded paper. In art this week, we painted with whisks, used apple halves to stamp paint onto paper, and painted with spices. We also worked as a group to create yogurt bark to help with our social emotional development and we added chef hats and aprons to the drama area this week. Tomorrow, we will read Food Fight (language), create alphabet soup by stamping letters onto a soup bowl picture (language), do a food color experiment (cognition), manipulate math tiles (cognition), stack graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows (motor), and glue yarn and pom poms onto ice cream cut outs (art). 

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