Cooking Week

We introduced the theme with pictures of children baking and cooking tools. We will name the cooking tools we use daily and what we will be making all week.{Muffins, cookies and pizza} Who cooks at home? do you help cook? what’s your favorite food?


Muffins- We painted with white paint on brown paper to resemble muffins, we stamped with ice cream cones and yogurt on paper-the children ate their cones afterwards, We made our pizza{Thursday} and Friday we will make chef hats and decorate with food{chicken & Pizza}


The children practiced counting with number cups and food sorters using spoons to scoop and put into cup as they count, watermelon cards with seeds to practice counting using one-to-one correspondence, magnet wands and play food pieces with magnets to make connections, counting coins with coin tube boxes to fill and count as high as they can.{teacher help if needed to count high}.

Motor Development

The children explored with many new activities this week. “Flip the Cookies” using small spatulas to scoop the cookie, balance and flip over onto the cookie sheet, Fruit Toss- various fruits/veggies and watermelon bowls, name the fruit/veggies and toss into the bowl, Homemade play-dough with small cookie cutters to make impressions on the play-dough, roll the play-dough and pull apart using hands/fingers to manipulate. mini fruit and veggie counters with muffin tins to make same color pattern or alternate colors

Sensory Table

Corn starch, whisks, measuring cups/spoons


We made chocolate chip muffins, pizza and Friday we will make chocolate chip cookies. We talk about measurements  ingredients

cooking tools used. We discussed Kitchen rules{ wash hands, sit in chair, wait for teacher and follow recipe


Jump over rope, Ice cream cone color naming, Movement song “Cooking Rap” and Whoa Go Game.

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