Okay, so we really didn’t “cook”, but we had a lot of fun this week with all of our activities! We started our week with “painting” a piece of bread with colored water and then toasting it! Ah, we predicted first and then discovered that the toast doesn’t taste any different, but it sure was tasty! We then made some noodle art! We used three different kinds of pasta to create our masterpieces. We discovered that painting with colored ice cubes is also a unique experience and many asked to do it again. Try it at home sometime to watch your child be amazed at the colors that come about on the paper. Our math was all about sorting fruits and vegetables by color, size or if we would eat it or not! We also played a matching game and worked on numbers 1-20. Our science table had a chart to decide if the food was “healthy” or “not-so-healthy”. It was fun to listen to their reasoning if a food was healthy (ex. one boy said that shakes were healthy because they were like smoothies and you could put a fruit in them as well!…’A’ for effort I guess!). Our sensory table is full of various pasta noodles, cereal and beans. We used our small muscles to create “food structures” and the boys and girls could not get enough of the fun. There were quite a few times that there was a waiting list to join in at the table. At the beginning of the week, we started an “alphabet soup” at the language table. We used a ladle to mix things up and pulled out a letter and told what we got. Later in the week, we worked on our writing as we copied words like: cooking, pot, pan and kitchen. We tried our hand at squeezing our own orange juice and we even get to make our own individual pizzas! Cooking week is always fun and it brings out many discussions on favorite foods and what we like to eat with our families. 

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