This has been a fun week engaging in activities with a cooking theme. Monday in art the children painted with potato mashers and in language the children matched letters on a chef hat. In math the children played a game of kitchen utensil bingo. Tuesday in art the children cut out food pictures from grocery ads and glued them to paper to make a food collage. In language the children dictated what their favorite food is and how to make it and in math the children matched shape toppings to a pizza. Wednesday in art the children did some marble painting and in language the children picked a letter out of a basket and then practiced writing it on a chalkboard. In math the children sorted fruit loops by color and counted to see which color had the most. Today the children explored playdough at the art table, a great fine motor strengthening experience. In math the children sorted food pictures if foods we cook and foods we do not cook, and they discovered many foods can be eaten cooked or not cooked. In language the children scooped letters out of a bowl and identifie4d them. Tomorrow in art the children will construct pizza and in language the children will practice letter writing as they write words from our cooking theme. In math the children will play a cookie number matching game. This week in the sensory table the children worked with rice, measuring cups and spoons with bowls.

This week the children also voted on what animal to adopt for the World Wildlife organization, and it was close between the hippo and the baby elephant, and baby elephant won by just 1 more vote. The children are very excited for this. We will also end the week making a chocolate zucchini cake!

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