This week the children have been learning about famous people in African American history such as George Washington Carver, Martin Luther King Jr; Lewis Howard Latimer and many more. Monday in art the children tore red, yellow and green paper and glued to construct a traffic light and in math the children worked with fruit counters and 1 to 1 grids. In language the children worked with stringing letters. Tuesday in art the children painted with a comb and in math the children practiced writing letters. In math the children worj3ed with a number line as a model, to put numbers in order 1-10. Wednesday in art the children painted bubble wrap to make prints on paper and in language they dictated what they would make if they could invent something. In math the children worked with assorted size bear counters and explored creating patterns by size or color. Today in art the children painted with loofah’s and in math the children engaged in a concentration activity to math ties. In language the children looked through books we have read about black history and chose words to practice writing. Tomorrow in art the children eill paint with kitchen scrub brushes and in math they will explore a shape bingo game. In language the children will look at picture’s and create a story from the picture. In the sensory table this week the children worked with water, animal counters and scoops. 

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