We introduce the theme with a picture of the person, name and what they were most known for. Each day we review the pictures by naming them and I ask the children if they remember 1 thing about the person.


The children painted with white paint on blue paper and added glitter, Hand Print Wreath- we used black, brown and white paint to represent all skin tones and stamped hands all around a paper plate, Crayon – the children glued various crayons on crayon shape paper, marble paint- we used marbles and red paint on white paper to marble paint and resemble a baseball and Friday, we will make a traffic light by gluing red, yellow and green circles on paper.


Egg match with brown/white/black shades to match, Pom-poms with wicker baskets and tongs to practice counting as the children picked up the pom-poms and placed in basket, sports craft sticks with foam blocks to count as the children place them in the foam blocks while counting, Color match fruit sorters with egg trays for sorting by colors and making patterns by color or by fruit, sport balls matching grid- match the sports balls on the grid with ball pieces and Friday, we will do traffic light color experiment

Motor Development

The children explore with rainbow connect people by snapping them together using gingers to snap, muffin tins with white/black and brown play-dough for pressing into the muffins tins and pulling apart with hands/fingers, baskets with ribbon attached so they children can practice weaving in and out of the holes and traffic light contact paper with squares to stick on the contact paper.

Sensory Table

Rice, small colored people counters, scoops and plastic containers


Food is Fuel-Health & Wellness, practice and model how to wipe nose and cover coughs, shopping Obstacle course and Kick the cup motor development activity.

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