This week’s theme is Artists and we learned about Georgia O’Keeffe, Henri Matisse, Leonardo Di Vinci, Edgar Dedgas and Andy Warhol.  I touched base on some other artists as well.  I talked about what style of art they did and showed the children some famous artwork that they may have seen in a museum or on tv.  They also got to make some art work such as Abstract painting, still art using coloring pencils, cutting out pieces of paper and gluing, and making four of the same images but in different colors.  I asked the children what they liked doing the best and I got different answers such as coloring with markers, coloring with crayons, coloring with coloring pencils, and painting.  The reason why I asked this question is so that they understand that not everyone likes the same thing.  They also got to experiment mixing paint colors to make new colors which they used the new paint colors to paint in free time if they wanted.  

They wrote the artists’ names in lowercase to get practice writing in lowercase because some of the children were struggling with writing in lowercase letters, they matched lowercase letter tiles to the letters in the artists’ names, they did a Match It Spelling activity which are puzzles with pictures and words they put together, three letter match and spell game, and they practiced writing tools that artists use.  

They did lots of math activities this week such as Match It Math (Counting and Simple Addition), Learning Steps Math game (Addition), count the Artist objects and find the number, practice writing 18 and eighteen, recognizing numbers, and they did some puzzles.   We have been working on number recognition a lot lately because I noticed that the children aren’t able to recognize the numbers when they are out of order so we have been using the calendar and 100 Days of School chart.  

Please continue to bring in snow gear because the children tend to fall down and I don’t want their clothes to get wet.  If you don’t have any, please let me know so that I can see if we have extras.    

To date for the Snow Leopard sponsorship, we have raised $15.80 so far.  The children are excited whenever they see me counting the money and they will ask me how much we have raised.  This is a great way for me to teach them money, what it looks like, and how we are helping the animals.  Thank you for helping us raise money for the WWF!

I will be having the Valentine’s Day Celebration Sign up sheet posted when February rolls around.  It will be near the parent board.  

Next week’s theme:  Luau

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me!

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