It was a fun-filled week with learning and creating! We started our week off with Georgia O’Keefe. We learned she liked to paint nature, specifically flowers! She painted them big to take up the whole canvas. We were inspired by one of her nature paintings titled, “Ladder to the Moon!” On Tuesday, our art work was inspired by a painting titled, “Red Fish”. We used paint, and paper cut-outs just like the artist who made the original, Henry Matisse. Wednesday was all about Leonardo…not the Ninja Turtle like most wanted it to be, but Leonardo De Vinci. We did some research and saw how many of his works of art were done with paper and pencil. One of this drawings was of a horse (Horse in Piaffe”). We had a play horse in the middle of the table to look at for inspiration. We also used mirrors for self-portraits. Thursday was all about Edgar Degas and his love for ballerinas. We were inspired by using some dark colored crayons on paper, and then we added a white cut out ballerina with a white tutu. Friday is a day of Andy Warhol. We will do some artwork similar to his with bright colors, and repetitive squares. We will also be doing an experiment with a Coke bottle (his artwork inspired us again) and a Mento…do you know what will happen? The language table this week was all about hands-on fun with lettered ping pong balls and ABC puzzles. The math table included a fishing game for numbers and some mirrors to learn about symmetry. Our science table was busy as we watched and observed for changes. We added food coloring to vases and white carnations. Each day, the color on the flower got darker. Many thought it was magic, many thought the stems “drank” the color, all were amazed! Our outside time was crazy fun! We had snow, slush and even some ice! We have been busy with snow pants on, snow pants off, snow pants on…. but it was all worth it because this week was so fun! 

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