On Monday, we talked about Georgia O’Keefe. We created our own landscapes in art by using stamps on paper. We read Harold and the Purple Crayon. We played with magnets and letters and this help us with our language development as it allowed the children to become more familiar with how letters look and what letters are. We played with and connected math tiles to allow the children experience with numbers to build upon their cognitive development. We played with and built with waffle blocks, This helped the children with their motor development as they used their fine motor skills to build and take about the blocks. 

On Tuesday, we talked about Henri Matisse. We ripped colored paper and glued them on gray paper to make our own collages in art. We read Peppa’s First Colors and played with felt boards and pieces for our language development. We continued to manipulate our math tiles to extend upon our cognitive development from the day before. We took apart and put together animal puzzles to work on our fine motor skills. 

On Wednesday, we read Elmo’s Guessing Game About Colors. We played with math tiles again and magnetic pieces to support our cognitive development. We also played with waffle blocks again to work on our fine motor development. 

On Thursday, we read Broken Crayons Still Color and played with letter builders for  language development. We matched different shapes on our cupcake shape sorters to extend our cognitive development. We stacked tiles and colored on paper with markers to work on our fine motor development.

Tomorrow we will write on dry erase boards with markers and read The Day the Crayons Quit in language. We will play with shape sorters for cognitive development. We will toss balls in laundry baskets and play with Lego for motor development. We will use stamps with different colored ink to make pop art. 

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