Artist Week

We introduced the theme with pictures of each Artist and their name in print. We briefly named 1 thing they have painted and modified it to closely resemble when doing art. We also looked at some of their art pieces on the IPAD for a closer look and in color.


Georgia O’Keefe- Bright Flower Collage

Henry Matisse- Glued colored squares on poster board to make a large master piece

Da Vinci- Landscaping – Painted with green paint and glued on flowers for scene

Edgar Degas- used oil crayons on canvas

Andy Warhol- Make Campbell Soup can art on paper


The children practiced matching colors with Rainbow colors on paper grids, Lilly pad math with numbers and frog counters to match on number of dots on Lilly pads, number chalk boards with chalk to practice naming numbers they know on the boards, flower color sorting with trays for matching same color or same flowers and counting grid with marks to practice tracing # 1.

Motor Development

The children practiced stretching rubber bands with both hands to place over the bottom of muffin tins, Frogs on a log to practice balancing small and large frogs on the log without falling off, Magnet people for manipulating pieces{hair, hats, shoes, body} onto magnet tubes to create own person, planting flowers in mini pots with play dough to make stand up, press dough into pot and manipulate all the flowers to make fit and black sand with star sticks and trays to make lines/shapes in the sand.

Sensory Table

Shredded paper, small vehicle counters

Activities Friday

Frog Hop, Color flower cube and ABC Movement

Health & Wellness

Go Game and snack and Go

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