Aloha! This week’s theme was luau and the children had so much fun with it! In language this week, we read books relating to different aspects of a luau and Hawaii. We also looked at luau pictures and talked about different luau items. We traced letters with rocks and sand and matched letters to pictures. In math and science this week, we counted flowers, compared different sized items, did a baking soda and vinegar experiment, and sorted flowers. For motor development we played with play-do, laced beads, blew bubbles, and used buttons to trace different lines. In art we created tiki torches, painted surf boards, and painted with sand. The children also had so much fun with Hula in the Coola where they wore leis, learned how to hula dance, and limbo with the other children in the center. Tomorrow we will write in dry erase boards, stamp numbers on paper, bowl, and paint seashells. 

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