We introduced the theme with Luau party pictures and print. {coconuts, Lei, palm tress, Hawaii} We also watched a 1-2 minute video of Hula dancers and flame dancers. We have been listening to various music all week{Limbo rock, Hawaii relaxing music, Hula}.


Pineapple- The children glued on yellow tissue paper on brown shape paper and topped with green stem

Sea Turtle- We painted a round paper bowl green and glued on green squares for Turtle shell.

Palm Trees- The children glued on various materials to make own coconut tree{ trunk, palm leaves and coconuts}

Tropical Fish- We glued on various colored cupcake liners to resemble scales on fish to make bright and colorful.

Coconuts- We will paint small round plates/paper brown and add real shredded coconut to resemble a real coconut.


# counting/matching small coconut counters with flower cups to fill, recognize numbers and count, the children counted shower rings and bracelets as they placed them around cones and their arms, we continue to practice counting through sorting flowers/butterflies with sorting trays to make patterns and count and Friday, we will practice matching Hawaiian memory cards by finding the same pictures.

Motor Development

Palm tree leaf lacing with shoestrings, the children worked hard and practiced to lace at least 1-2 holes using finger grasp and manipulation, The children used Luau straws to fill up holes in colander one at at time while figuring out how they fit in each hole, the children used paly dough with flamingo/palm tree sticks to make stand by pressing firmly, magnet fish and wands to try and catch as many fish as they can on their wand using their wands only and Friday the children will explore with tropical fish, tongs and bowls to work tongs in a squeeze motion using 2-3 finger grasp.

Sensory Table

Real shredded coconut, shredded pink paper, Luau cups & straws & jumbo scoop spoons


Coconut bowling in the great room, Limbo and Hula on Wednesday, Roll the cube{Hawaiian moves}


We explored a real coconut by hitting with a hammer to crack open and we all tried and drank coconut water from the coconut.


We will make Pina Coladas

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