Our theme this week is the sweetest theme called Valentine’s.  We had a Valentine’s Day Celebration where the children had celebrated by giving their friends Valentine’s Day treats and cards.  They got to see a magic show and they were so excited!  They talked about the different magic tricks the magician did and wondered, “How did he do that?!”  One word: magic!  The magician made a rainbow balloon for us!  Ms. Brenda did a wonderful station where they were able to make their own chocolate covered pretzel and a heart man.  They seemed to enjoy doing this with her and Ms. Tara.  When asked what their favorite part is:  GLITTER! And of course, the pretzel.

We did a Vv word list where they would come up with different words and I wrote them on the board.  We practiced writing “I Love You, Mommy and Daddy” on a card, we practiced writing sight words we have learned so far, matched uppercase letter hearts to lowercase letter hearts, and we learned rhyming words.  I started with at and they had to come up with words that ended with at.  I started them off with hat and they were able to come up with words that rhymed with hat.

They made a heart worm and wrote each letter of their name on the heart, they cut out a heart and painted it with red paint with glitter mixed in it, and they made extra Valentine’s Day cards.  They were able to tell me how many letters are in their name.

We played a number heart matching game where they matched numbers, they graphed with Sweetarts, told me which color was the least, most, or equal. we practiced writing numbers, played a math memory game, and they picked a number heart and counted out the number of coins using 1:1 correspondence.  Some children tend to count fast without touching the object so I had them put the coins in a row and count each one slowly while touching the coin.    

We talked about Valentine’s Day and how it feels when we get something from someone.  The children said it makes them feel good to receive something from someone and it also feels good to give something to someone because they may not get anything and it brightens up their day.  We talked about how someone can get a Valentine from someone such as by mail, train, airplane, or hand delivered.  It was interesting to hear their responses.  

Speaking of Valentine’s day, thank you so much for the treats and surprises!  It certainly made my day!  

Next week’s theme is: Author’s.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me.

Ms. Michelle

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