This week was all about hearts, showing our love and how to be a kind friend. We started off the week with the book “The Night Before Valentine’s Day” where we saw how some boys and girls were preparing for Valentines Day. We showed our excitement as we worked on a special Valentine at the art table where we used our small motor skills to tear paper and make a project that said, “I love you to pieces!” We also used markers to color on coffee filters, we marbled painted and even used the end of a celery stalk to make hearts! Our math activities have all been about counting and sorting with candy hearts. Our science table was ready each day for building and constructing with toothpicks and marshmallows. We have some real engineers on our hands! The language table has been full of writing words, and finding letters in a sea of red. One of the more popular activities this week was the sensory table. It was filled with pink, red, purple and white shredded paper. It held many small heart gems and 9 Valentine rubber ducks! Our outside time was especially fun this week as we had a day of no gloves or mittens! That meant the rock wall and bow ties were open and ready for climbing! Although it was just a short tease of spring, we REALLY liked that we got it! 

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