This week’s theme was Valentine’s. The children got into the spirit by reading books about love and Valentine’s Day. In language this week, we traced letters on Valentine’s cards, wrote on chalkboards with chalk, wrote on magnetic writing boards, and wrote on dry erase boards with markers. To help with our cognitive development this week, we sorted hearts by color, counted hearts on playing cards, made fuzzy hearts with baking soda and vinegar, and matched broken hearts together. To help with motor development this week, we threaded pipe cleaners into a colander, placed heart stickers on paper, filled buckets with candy hearts, and connected chain links. In art this week, we painted Styrofoam hearts, finger painted heart shaped paper, and sponge painted with heart shaped sponges. We also looked for hearts around the room and played If You’re Happy and You Know It! The children had fun this week exploring the sensory bin as it was filled with all things Valentine’s. They also enjoyed the magician that came in and made a balloon Elmo for our room! We also enjoyed decorating paper hearts and making chocolate covered pretzels-activities that were set up by the older toddler room. Tomorrow we will color on hearts with crayons in language, count how many items in a group in math, place bracelets on cones in motor development, and paint with shaving cream in art. 

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