Tuesday- Magic Show and passed out Valentine’s

We introduced the theme by singing Valentine songs, pictures with print and  what we do on Valentine’s Day. 


Heart cookie cutter stamping with purple paint and red paper, pom-pom painting on Doily heart shapes with purple paint ,made LUV BUGS in great room and chocolate covered pretzels, and Friday we will make a Valentine heart wreath.


Matching conversation hearts by color and placing in heart cups, foam boards/straws and red rigatoni noodles for sliding down the straws and counting, mountain blocks for stacking in various ways to try and balance, and Friday we will experiment with science and make a sparkly explosion and watch what happens.

Motor Development

Various size heart picks with foam rings and blocks to press and make stand and patterns, Lacing felt heart shapes with red/pink pipe cleaners to practicing lacing in and out of holes around the hearts, the children counted with Hershey Kisses and Valentine cups, and Friday the children will stamp on paper with various Valentine stamps.

Sensory Table

Red. pink and white rose pedals, red/white foam balls, heart gems, Valentine pails and heart scoops


Health & Wellness- On Friday, we will make Breakfast Pizza

Music class Friday

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

My Breakfast Plate puzzle- name 4 food groups

Valentine Crawl-Children will crawl on hearts without putting knees on the floor

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