The children made “one fish, 2 fish, red fish, blue fish bowls by painting with blue Karo syrup and place fish on top, Wacky Wednesday cup stamping-the children stamped with small and large solo cups on blue paper with orange paint, Green eggs and Ham- we glued on green eggs, ham and forks to paper plate to resemble book :Green Eggs and Ham and Friday, we will make our own Cat In The Hat by gluing on white strips of paper on red tall hat.


We practice counting with Cat in the Hat grid and pom-poms for one to one correspondence, The children practiced matching red and blue various materials by placing them in the same color bags, we used yellow and green plastic eggs to match same colors or mix match the eggs, place in muffin tins and count as many as they put in. 

Motor development

The children worked their fingers and hands to stretch colored rubber bands around large solo cups, we practiced flipping eggs on the tables with spatula’s by sliding under, lifting, balancing and flipping over, the children practiced lacing with red/blue string and blue rigatoni noodles, we explored with green/yellow/blue play dough and forks to make various impressions by pressing and poking the play dough and Friday, we will put together a cereal puzzle with teacher help.

Sensory Table- red/blue rice, fish, red big/small solo cups


Fizzing green eggs experiment

Green egg walk- balancing big egg on spoon while walking the blue line

Dr. Seuss science experiment-Friday

We have been practicing St, Patrick’s Day songs all week

Health & Wellness

made strawberry/banana fruit Kabobs, made strawberry popsicles, and will make crunchy rainbow wrap on Friday

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