This week’s theme was Dr. Seuss so of course we had a lot of wacky fun! In language this week, we read The Cat in the Hat, The Foot Book, There’s a Wocket in my Pocket, and Great Day For Up. We also colored on felt hats with markers, colored on paper with crayons, wrote on clipboards with pencils, and colored upside down by taping a poster underneath a table. In cognitive development this week, we counted and sorted hats, matched socks, compared polaroid pictures to digital pictures, and counted and stacked cups. In motor development this week, we walked on the balance beam, followed footprints that were taped on the floor, sorted pompoms into homemade pockets, blew bubbles, played with math tiles, and played with rainbow caterpillar gears. In art this week, we glued stripes on hats, painted footprints with our feet, did marble painting, and sponge painted with airplanes and butterflies. We also practiced taking off and putting on our shoes and played Ring Around the Rosie outside. Tomorrow we will read One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish and put fish stickers on a poster board ion language. We will “swimming pictures” in science. We will do the movements to All my Fish are Swimming in motor development. We will do a fishbowl painting in art. 

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