It’s Dr. Seuss week and it has been full of fun and silly activities all week long.  Our older children have been practicing pulling and pushing with our dog toys, dropping clothes pins into a bottle, stacking blocks on our peg boards and as always, listening to many of the funny rhyming books of this renowned author.  The younger children enjoyed peek-a-boo, bubbles and kicking at tissue paper to hear the funny sound it made.  Red fish and blue fish have been displayed throughout many of the activities, which gave us plenty of opportunities to talk about the different colors that they were seeing.  Working on development like sitting, picking up food, clapping toys together and fine motor activities like picking up popsicle sticks off of a tray were also worked on.  Rolling balls back and forth and talking about what body parts could be seen in a mirror have also been a huge hit!  Busy week and onto the next!  

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