This week is Dr. Suess week!  We learned about different books that Dr. Suess wrote and discussed what they had in common which is rhyming.  We did a rhyming word list for words that end in ad.  The children were able to come up with a list of 3 letter words and 4 letter words.  We did a Xx word list and they practiced writing the letter Xx.  We discussed what our favorite Dr. Suess book is and why.  

We used a ruler for our Cat in the Hat to make straight lines and we learned that the ruler is also used for measuring.  We recreated the book cover of One Fish, Two Fish, paper plate fish, and the Lorax.  It was a fun week in art because we used different things to create our art projects.  We also did playdoh this week to help with fine motor skills and they were able to create different designs using plastic cookie cutters.  

The children did number recognition where I wrote numbers on the board and they would tell me what number it is.  They played a number matching game, Dr. Suess Count and Clip, Dr. Suess: Count, Sort and Compare game, and they measured using paper clips, unifex cubes, and ruler.  They practiced writing numbers as well.  

We went on a field trip to see Gruffalo at Playhouse Square.  We talked about the play and how it was different from the book that we had read the previous day.  The children liked the play because the actors danced, sang, and had the children interact by telling the “mouse” where the nut was and singing Happy Birthday to Gruffalo.  

We have been talking about using nice hands and why.  We also talked about making sure we are including our friends when we play and how we would feel if someone did not let us play.  I went over my rules which are:  Be Safe, Be Kind, and Be Neat.  I will continue to give the reminders and talk with them until they leave my classroom.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me.

-Ms. Michelle

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