This week’s theme is 5 Senses where learned about our 5 senses and why they are important.  I also talked about people who are color-blind, deaf or hard of hearing, blind, and how they cope if they lost one of their senses.  I explained how our nerves are constantly sending signals to our brain and I explained that we are always using our senses; sometimes we use all 5 senses at the same time!

We sorted the different items into which of the 5 senses they belong to, wrote down the 5 senses, we listened to different sounds and stated if they were loud or quiet sounds, and we did a sensory game where we had to touch items and state how they felt.  I did the same for taste and smell.  We made a Yy word list did -it rhyming word list, and sight word recognition.

We learned how to use our hands to count the math way, matched numbers 11-30, listened for numbers that I call out and wrote them down, counted by 2’s, sorted objects by how they feel, and they did a same/different activity using eyes.  We also did number recognition game.

The children drew something they can see in our classroom, texture collage, and they glued pictures of items according to the 5 senses.  Some of the children asked if they could draw the 5 senses which everyone participated in.  We had fun learning about the 5 senses and we discussed at length about what they could. see, touch, and smell while drawing the 5 senses.  

They got to see what the inside of our eyes, ears, and hands look like.  I brought out an eye model where they can use a magnifying glass to see the inside of the eye more closely.  I showed the children pictures of what it looks like for someone who takes their glasses off look like.  The pictures were blurry.  They asked if that’s what I see when I take off my glasses and I told them yes, it does and that’s why Ms. Michelle has to wear her glasses.  

It was a fun week learning about the 5 senses and why they are so important and I hope the children have a better understanding.  The theme when we come back is Spring.  Don’t forget that next week is School Age Days.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me.

-Ms. Michelle

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