We have been so busy learning about our senses and exploring when and where we use more than others. We often have stopped during an activity and talked about which senses we were using at that particular moment. Our favorite activity was taste testing Skittles. We closed our eyes, and plugged our nose. We were to first guess what flavor/color was in our mouth and realized if we plug out nose, our sense of taste doesn’t work. Of course we got to unplug our nose to taste “the rainbow”! We also did an afternoon activity with Miss Rasta where we got to see, hear, smell, touch and taste popcorn being made in a real life popcorn maker (which many of the boys and girls did not know what it even was- guesses were: a coffee maker, a blender, a toaster and even an air fryer!). Our language activities included many hands-on activities to work and strengthen our letter knowledge. Our math activities were all about our 5 senses. We added some “senses” to Mr. Potato Head as we kept him busy with sometimes more than 4 ears or two sets of eyes! This was a popular game! Our outside time was cold, but we always make it fun with the addition of new toys. This week trucks were added and many of the boys and girls pretended to be community helpers with their trucks. They were firemen, construction workers and even ambulance drivers. We have almost finished our alphabet. We learned about the letter ‘Ww’ this week and learned that we can be “wacky” and “wild” outside! 

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