This week’s theme was St. Patrick’s Day. In language this week, we read various books about rainbows and leprechauns and St. Patrick’s Day. We also discussed pictures and words associated with St. Patrick’s Day on our vocabulary board, colored with green crayons and colored pencils, did a scavenger hunt around the classroom, and colored on shamrocks. In cognitive development this week, we sorted different colored shamrocks, mixed blue and yellow paint together, placed sticky noted on green items around the classroom, did puzzles, and played with a shape sorting cube. In motor development this week, we hopped on different colored shamrocks in the classroom, played with play-doh and different manipulatives, placed green stickers on a poster board, and climbed the rainbow climber in the great room. We worked on our social and emotional skills by playing pass the rainbow, where the children passed different colored items to one another, and singing and doing the motions to  If You’re Happy and You Know It.  In art this week, we stamped pipe cleaner shamrocks onto paper, decorated shamrocks by mixing blue and yellow paint together on tin foil, painted with gold coins, and made a green collage, Tomorrow we will use stamps on pots of gold in language, compare different sized shamrocks in cognitive, do a rainbow run in motor development, and paint a clover resist painting in art. 

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