During the week in preschool, we learned about St. Patrick’s Day. We discussed what happens on St. Patrick’s Day and what we do on St. Patrick’s Day. For art, we tore green and orange paper to glue to black paper, painted gold rocks, painted with oil pastels, and painted with different shades of green on the easel. We also learned about Leprechauns and built a leprechaun trap on Thursday. Throughout the week we wore green for St. Patrick’s day. We read Ten Lucky Leprechauns, Green Shamrocks, Happy St. Patrick’s Day Clifford, and the Night Before St. Patrick’s Day. We will have cupcakes dyed green on Friday for snack. We discussed what we would do if we were leprechauns. The children in preschool came up with a lot of good ideas of what they would do if they were Leprechauns. They decided on everything from eating chocolate coins to sharing their coins with friends, hiding their gold coins so they couldn’t be found and traveling to space as Leprechauns. We even listened to Irish music at group time. We picked shamrocks that were different from other shamrocks, used Lucky Charms to graph on a chart, and placed gold rocks in black pots.

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