St Patrick’s Day

We introduced the theme with Irish dancers, reel music drills to practice Irish dancing, introduced How to Catch a Leprechaun” and pictures and print.


We stamped with Shamrock cookie cutters with orang paint on green shamrock shapes, made pots of gold by gluing on gold coins, made a banner with stickers and letters, made Leprechaun hats by gluing on shamrocks/pots and streamers and Friday, we will make a rainbow by placing colored paper squares on contact paper.

Motor development

The children explored with green Q-tips and shamrock craft sticks as they work their fingers to make stand up on green foam rings, green play dough and gold coins to make impressions of Shamrocks on play dough, mini green solo cups with paper to layer and build alternating the materials to stack high without falling, the children will use small Leprechaun hats to stack and Friday, the children will use green gem marbles and green egg containers to practice counting the gems.


The children practiced using tongs to open and close while trying to pick up green/yellow pom-poms and place in small black pots, we used green/yellow tubing to push through Leprechaun hats to count how many the children were able to push through, we practiced number matching by matching numbers 1-4 with shamrock number grids and shamrock number foam pieces, The children practiced counting gold coins by placing them inside green jumbo egg containers and, Friday we will match number St. Patrick’s Day ducks to numbers on pond board.

Sensory Table


Gold coin scavenger Hunt- Find the gold coins in the great room

The Jig- children will take turns doing an Irish Jig in circle by taking turns when called

Hoppity Hopscotch

Skittles Rainbow Experiment

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