Spring is finally here and it is also our theme of the week.  We talked about Spring and what happens during Spring such as it rains more, the flowers bloom, the grass is green, the trees have green leaves, and the weather is warm.  We talked about the the water cycle and I read the book, Drop and some of the children said that they have the same book at home.  

We have been working on rhyming words by playing the Match It Rhyme game where they had to verbally say what each piece says and find the corresponding match such as cat-hat, book-hook, etc.  We made a rhyming word list with words that end in an.  We made a Zz word list and we did sight word recognition.  The children also practiced writing Spring words and Zz.

We practiced counting the math way, put the numbers 0-30 in order, we did number recognition, and we practiced writing 25.  I have been having them count objects out loud using one to one correspondence.   They had to tell me how many objects they had counted.  I wanted to see if they are counting slowly and remembering the number they last counted.  

We made a flower in art and we dictated what they like best about Spring and they drew a picture.  Some of the children had noticed that the other PreK classroom was making kites and they asked me if they could make them which we did.  They told me that they like to fly kites in the Spring so I changed the art project that I had planned to kites.  We also talked about kites and what is needed to fly them which is wind!

The Special Friend’s breakfast was a success and the children were so excited to have breakfast with the Special Friend they brought.  Our field trip to Emerson Elementary School is next Thursday so please make sure your child is here by 9:00 am.  I will send out a reminder the day before.  

Next week’s theme:  Pets

if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me.    

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