Spring is in the air….close to it! This week was all about the season of spring. We began our week by discussing how we know that it is spring and the children came up with great answers such as when the weather gets warmer, flowers start to bloom, and trees begin getting their leaves back. This week the children were busy working on different number and letter recognition activities which includes swat the ABC bug. The children also spent some time making patterns with flowers at the math table. At science this week, we had a few objects on the table and the goal was to determine if those objects blew in the wind. Our friends became creative and would blow on the objects to see if they would be carried away . The children created spring trees using broccoli, designed their own kites, and even made rain drops using water, food coloring and eye droppers. With the weather changing, we became little explorers outside on the playground where the children found small animal prints. With that in mind, we talked about animals that hibernate and when it is the first day of spring, that is when they wake up. So we discussed that the animal could be one who was hibernating and woke up or maybe even an animal that was nocturnal. We also did our letter of the week which was Yy….oh man, we have one more letter left! We listened to the Yy book, wrote out Yy words and sang the Yy song. We will be ending our week with fun trip to Bowls Gallery. This week has been a fun filled week and we definitely had some spring weather…hopefully it stays that way! We hope you all have a fabulous weekend and we can’t wait for our new lesson next week! 

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